Notably, Italy is one of the best destinations for bike lovers. Considering its landscapes, you can’t get bored. So, when listing the 3 Top Cycling Holidays Italy, we have plenty of options.

Either you are a beginner or an expert, you will have wonderful holidays.

Also, from North to South, several hotels and resort host cyclists. And, they will take care of all your needs. If you choose to visit the South of Italy, at Cycling Sicily we offer transfers from/to the main airports, train stations and ports.

Or, if you are flying, you can even rent a bike. As an alternative, you can book an all-inclusive guided tour. These tours will bring you to the discovery of the best spots of Sicily. Basically, you will only have to relax. We will think about the organizational and stressing part.

Among our services, we also offer bike renting and Bed&Bike options. In other words, you will rent your bike and a place to sleep. In addition, we guarantee high-quality accommodation.

Now, let’s find out which are the best guided-tours of this beautiful country.

3 Top Cycling Holidays Italy: Northern Italy

Above all, Northern Italy is a special destination for its Lake District. From East to West, we have 4 amazing lakes. In particular, Maggiore, Varese, Lugano, and Como. In total, we are talking about 1,600 km of cycling routes. The area, with its grand Italian lakes, has also several small basins. Among those, we suggest visiting Orta, Varese, Comabbio, Monate, and Ganna. The territory offers a mix of climbing and descending. During your guided cycling holiday you will mainly follow small and scenic roads. There will be with a few road signs. Also, with the guides, you can ride the hidden lanes that are not on the maps.

Recommended tours in Northern Italy

Among the 3 Top Cycling Holidays Italy, we suggest the Weekly road tour. As an alternative, the Weekend road bike tour. LakesNorthernItaly is a company that provides these rides. You will ride through ancient villas, parks, and churches. Also, they offer exhibitions, history, art, culture. So, not just biking holidays for you and your family. During these tours, you will take amazing pictures, and experience the Italian lifestyle. 

3 Top Cycling Holidays Italy: Central Italy

As part of 3 Top Cycling Holidays Italy, we can’t forget about Tuscany. For sure, it is the Central Italy best destination. Already known for its food and wine, Tuscany is one of the favorite regions for cyclists. Tuscany is one of Italy’s most famous regions.

Recommended tours in Central Italy

Among the offers, the Crossing Tuscany tour is provided by RubyTravel. From Pisa to Florence, you will discover the heart of Tuscany. Included in the offer, they have one-day bike tours. During the tour, you will see the south of Florence, the heart of Chianti wine. Also, one single day bike tour in Tuscany has everything from wine and oil tasting.

A week of cycling brings you across Tuscany. From Pisa to Florence. You’ll ride through towns and beautiful landscapes. We have no doubts, this will be your favorite holiday.

3 Top Cycling Holidays Italy: Southern Italy

When reaching the South of Italy, there is no doubt. For sure, Sicily is in the 3 Top Cycling Holidays Italy. Thanks to its various landscapes, it is the cyclists’ paradise.

Recommended tours in Southern Italy

With Cycling Sicily, you will pick your favourite vacation. Also, according to your bike and expertise, we will help you with our services. And, our knowledge of the territory will assure you have a safe and planned ride.

For instance, we offer Mountain Bike Tours and Road Bike Tours. Or, if you plan to spend some days on the island, you can also book one of our Sicily Tours. We offer One day, Two days, or 5 days tour of Sicily. Moreover, if you plan a cruise, you could 

also take one of our shore excursions. Our expert drivers will pick you up from your preferred location. Also, at the end of the tour, they will drive you back.

In addition, we also offer tasting tours. Because Italy means also good food and wine!

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