Cycling In Sicily – A Guide To Biking In Sicily

Sicily is situated at the foot of Italy. As the nursery rhyme goes, “Italy kicked poor Sicily into the middle Mediterranean Sea”.

It’s the largest of the Mediterranean islands and is home to approximately five million people.
It’s a stunning island with an array of meadows and mountains. In the winter you’ll find snow above 900 meters, in the summer the weather is warm and dry, droughts occasionally occur.

Of course, the biggest mountains, in the middle of the island, such as Etna and Madonie, have significant amounts of snow in the winter. In short, it’s a magical island that needs to be seen to be believed.

The best part is that the island’s coastline is less than 1,000 miles. It’s the perfect place to explore by bike.

Renting A Bike in Sicily

Sicily is separated from Italy by just 3km of water. That makes it feasible to bring your own bike with you on the ferry.

However, when considering Sicily bike holidays it is generally best to choose a local expert, such as Cycling Sicily, and join our tours with our bikes. It’s easy to rent a bike or sign up for a tour and you’ll find we have the perfect bike for the job.

Whether you need a road bike Sicily, or the best mountain bike Sicily has to offer, we can help.

The terrain in Sicily changes dramatically, when cycling in Sicily you need the right bike for the job. Renting is the perfect solution.

Sicily Biking Routes & Tours

When looking to cycle in Sicily you’ll need to decide if you want to join a bike tour and have a guide show you the sights, or simply explore yourself. Both are an option.

Tours give you the opportunity to meet others and you’ll be shown sights that only the locals know.

Of course, doing it yourself, allows you to stop and start whenever and wherever you like.

But, you do need an idea of what sights you should be seeing:


This is the starting point for another meandering coastal route that takes you around Mount Etna and through a series of stunning and authentic villages. There is an abundance of trails to explore in this region.

Mount Etna

Join one of Cycling Sicily’s Etna bike tours and you’ll get to see the most active volcano in Europe up close and personal.

There are actually several options to choose from, including the Etna challenge on a road bike. That’s 112 km in one day with a climb to 2,000 meters above sea level. 
Less challenging options include the Etna tour. You’re not heading for the summit but you’ll still be climbing nearly 1,000 meters and get to visit some stunning villages along the way.

Trapani to Marsala

This is a fairly flat route that follows the coast, allowing you to see the deep blue sea, the outlying islands, and the saline lake which is never more than three meters deep.


This area is a little more challenging with an array of hills to challenge you. Cefalu is idyllic, the area around is rugged and a fantastic biking experience.


Renting a bike to explore the city of Palermo is a great idea. You’ll be able to fully appreciate the baroque architecture and picture-perfect streets. It’s a great base for exploring the surrounding coast and hills.

Final Thoughts

The truth is that Sicily has an abundance of stunning scenery and friendly locals. The above options are a small sample of what the island has to offer. A cycling tour of Sicily is one of the best ways to see and appreciate as many of these sights as possible. 

Whether you want to go it alone or with company, you need a reliable and high-quality bike. That’s what Cycling Sicily offers, along with all the support you need to have the best experience of your life. 
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