We highly recommend that you bring at least your personal clothing (shirt and shorts). If you have space in your suitcase, take also clips pedals, shoes, helmet, windbreaker jacket or better gilet. In any case, you will can hire those items at our place upon prior notification.

It is important that on the day of the tour you got the proper clothing according to the season and to the point of altitude reached based on the tour’s description.

The minimum equipment required to be admitted to the tour:

  • Sports clothing suitable for biking;
  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes from insects and vegetation.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Cycling shoes (we will provide the pedals) or touring shoes; It is very important that the shoes are enclosed. It absolutely forbidden to wear sandals or flop-flops.

You will find at our bike point everything you need – outfits, shirts, energy bars, water bottles, gloves, sunglasses.

If you cannot arrive to our base, we will provide the pick-up and drop-off service at the minimum cost of 10 euro per person within the range of 10 km from our bike point.
In our country, it is not possible to secure the bicycle against the damages during the rental. Therefore, you shall be 100% responsible for the caused damages or thieves also of the equipment given to you at the signing of the contract.
Yes, our company provides an insurance for the clients who had an incident during the guided tour if it was caused by the malfunction of the bicycle and not by the misuse of the bicycle.
Sicily is a very large island, which contains several mountain ranges. It is very sunny for at least 10 months a year, but anyway it has four seasons. Therefore, it is quite complicated to have an accurate forecast in a given time of the year, especially for those who wish to climb Mount Etna, considering that between the sea and 2000 mt als there are 15 degrees Celcius of difference. Please visit a local weather reports website.
Once you have confirmed through our booking office every detail about your booking, you will receive an email with a deposit request to pay through PayPal or Stripe. Only after paying this amount, you can consider your booking confirmed. Please note that there no need to be registered in any of the above systems to provide the payment, you can do it as a guest, just using your credit or debit card.

Yes, our cancellation policy guarantees the customer to receive the refund of the deposit paid at the booking stage in the following ways:

  • Within the 72 hours: full refund
  • Within the 48 hours: 50% refund
  • Within the 24 hours: no refund


Discover Sicily by Bike